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HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2019
Success Stories
Mr. Junior Low
We have great suggestions from the HKTDC Business Matching team. Thanks to the Business Matching team for all the referrals.
Ms. Nawai Elmazozi
The Business Matching Service is super! I have found so many products which I want to place order!
Mr. Errol Barnswell
Service offered provides an answer to the people in the industry
Lindsey Johnson
Marketing and Sourcing Executive
I am very happy with the business matching service which helps me a great deal in locating the right suppliers...
Hong Kong
HK character/licensor with products & has interest to open e-store@HKTVmall
Ocean Park Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Brand, 1)Stationery: Pen,Pen holder, Notebook, 2)Toys& Games: Plush, Animal productm Hong Kong style/ Hong Kong Traditional toys, 3)Baby: Tableware
ThinkBank Brand Agency
Chinese Mainland
Characters & Animation, Celebrity & Corporate Brands
Sheng Sheng F & B Ind. Pte Ltd
Characters & Animation, Celebrity & Corporate Bands, Art & Design, Food & Beverage
Jogan Marketing Pte Ltd
Characters and Animation 1) Toys & Games: Toys
Dong Hung Co., Ltd
Food & Beverage, Household products
Vendermac Distribution Pte Ltd
Characters & Animation, Fashion & Lifestyle
Fashion & Lifestyle, Luggage
Altaic Ibex
Chinese Mainland
Art & Design, Sport
Han Du Yi She
Chinese Mainland
Characters & Animation, Celebrity & Corporate Brands, Art & Design, Fashion & Lifestyle