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Buyer Meeting
Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair 2019
Success Stories
Peter Chun Yu Yau
Many successful deals were struck through the HKTDC business matching service. We concluded a deal with an Indian company.
Mr Lopez Bernardo Bosque
Through the HKTDC Business Matching service, I met a Taiwanese company that supplies a “magic balloon” that will self-inflate after shaking.
Mohinuddin Abdulla
Marketing Manager
The business matching specialists have matched me with the Hong Kong companies meeting my requirements.
Mr. Ivan Fu
Which is also a good way of promotion for us too.
Round Table Creative Printing Co., Ltd.
Printing service, Customized packaging gift box, Packaging materials (OEM, ODM & Open item)
Chinese Mainland
Packaging materials for Gold jewelry, art piece, watches, etc (Open item)
Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd
Brunei Darussalam
Printing Services, Packaging Services, Packaging Equipment for small scale (OEM)
Qingdao Jinghua Diamond Group Co., Ltd.
Chinese Mainland
Packaging Service
Shi-An Packing Enterprise Company
Packaging machinery and equipment, Packaging materials, Green packaging materials, Innovative retail (OEM & Open item)
Tho Mem Group Sdn Bhd
Watch Box (OEM)
Yu Li Color
Plate- making (OEM, ODM & Open item)