Medical Supply and Medicine
Bangkok Medisupply Co., Ltd
Kitipun Manosittisak
Chief Executive Officer
The organiser has arranged some useful buyer meetings. I’ve found three potential suppliers and further negotiation will be conducted.

Bangkok Medisupply is a leading distributor of medical and healthcare products and solutions in Thailand. We supply a great variety of items to a large number of pharmacies, hospitals and convenience stores across the country. I am visiting the "Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair" for the third year. The organiser has arranged some useful buyer meetings with exhibitors. So far, I’ve found three potential suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for gauze pads. It’s great to see some innovative ideas such as a special fabric for wound dressings and the application of nanotechnology in gauze pads. It will take some time to go through the registration process for the import of these new items. Further negotiation will be conducted and product testing is needed before placing orders. It’s our intention to place about US$20,000 of orders per item.
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