Hong Kong
The Sincere Company Limited
Ms Brandy Yu
Director of Operations
Connecting SMEs with Local & Asian Buyers for Brand New Business Opportunities
hktdc.com Buyer Meetings "Local & Asian Market Development Series" - an array of sourcing seminar & B2B meetings arranged by HKTDC to help connecting established local and Asian buyers with quality suppliers. Sincere Co. Ltd is one of the successful cases demonstrating the effectiveness of this new service.

Innovative Matching- Quality Branded Suppliers Connect
Through the hktdc.com Buyer Meetings Sourcing Seminar in June 2012, Sincere presented to over 100 suppliers on the company's background,product categories,sourcing direction and partnership opportunities.

"It is an efficient communication channel between us and the potentialsuppliers. We are pleased to meet with many new and quality suppliers in a wide variety of sectors in one go.I'm amazed that the suppliers and our sourcing team have made so many interactive exchanges in the seminar," says Ms Yu.

Successful Buyer Meetings Bring New Market Ideas
A series of face-to-face Buyer Meetings has also been arranged for Sincere to meet with selected suppliers, some of which were conducted during the HKTDC Hong Kong Food Expo 2012."The Business Matching Team has arranged a few full-day meeting programs for us.Through these one-on-one sessions, we have had in-depth discussions with potentialsuppliers in a systematic manner and in a relaxed atmosphere," Ms Yu adds.

"These target-oriented meetings with quality suppliers bring in new market ideas for us -for example,organic food, which is a new attraction for our customers. Working through the HKTDC, it creates business opportunities, which is a win-win situation for buyers and suppliers.

The company's division buyer Mr Cliff Kong added on the meetings, 'We are gratefulfor meeting so many unique and new food suppliers at the fair. For example, Japanese food items are of high quality and have strong potentialhere in Hong Kong."

After the hktdc.com Buyer Meetings series, Sincere succeed in concluding co-operation deals with suppliers in sectors including food, travel and household items. Products will be stocked in the Sincere department stores or the company's Bazaar. "We will definitely join the matching programme on an annualbasis," Ms Yu concludes.
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