Electronics & Electrical Appliances
Lenbrook Industries Limited
Mr. Taresh Vadgama
Director, Development & Manufacturing
We consider placing order with a supplier, and find 2 suppliers' products that can be fine-tuned to meet our standard. Thanks for the good matchings!
Formed by a group of audio-industry veterans, we are keen to offer customers high quality products not commonly found in the market. We have identified good products through HKTDC Business Matching Service at “HK Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2016”. These encompass a digital audio player, new in our product profile with high quality and reasonable price. We consider ordering 2,000 pieces to start with. Another supplier has BT headphone with the right price and quality that can be fine-tuned to meet our requirement. We wish to order around 5,000-10,000 pieces. We also find another referred Hong Kong supplier offering quality BT speaker with clock radio. Though the product is more mass market, its quality can be upgraded to meet the standard of our hotel customers. Thanks for the good matchings!
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