Electronics & Electrical Appliances
TDL Canada
Mr. Shawn Tennier
We have identified 5 potential suppliers through HKTDC Business Matching Service. All the meetings are good, I am glad to do it again in the future.
We are importer, distributor and wholesaler supplying coast to coast in Canada. We have reaped good results at “HK Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2016” from the HKTDC Business Matching Service. We have got innovative digital antennas, both of entry level as well as higher quality one with which each I will place a sample order of a container. The service also enables us to reunion with a Hong Kong business partner that we have lost contact for ten years. We plan to place order (US$30,000) for their commercial installation supplies. There is also something new for us – fitness and health consumer electronics is of great interest to us. Another exhibitor offers wireless audio streamers with new technology. With the popularity of this product type, we will also place order (US$20,000). All the meetings are so good, I am glad to do it again in the future.
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