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PT Putratama Perkasa Media
Mr Johannes Hardiman
We've found a potential supplier to place order; and 2 suppliers with potential to collaborate. Thanks to Business Matching Service!
We are an importer selling to 1,000 retailers as well as online on Marketplace in Indonesia. At “HK Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2016”, we are looking for gaming products and mobile cable, yet the HKTDC Business Matching Service has caught us with nice surprises. One of their recommended Hong Kong suppliers offers 3D VR headset in a full range of price, from cheap to expensive choices. This item is hot in the market. We will visit their booth and may start with a sample order of 500-1,000 pieces. Another Hong Kong company sells phone case which we are quite cautious in purchasing as mobile phone model changes really quickly, but the company is enthusiastic and promise to sell in smaller quality, so probably something can work out. There is also a third company with good gaming products that we will further look into. Thanks to Business Matching Service, we wish we could have more choices!
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