Chinese Mainland
Inno Design Tech.
Chengdu New Shine Oil And Grain Co., Ltd.
Mr. Jiang Minjie
General Manager
Two referred companies understand the characteristics of our market, and we surprised their service fees are similar to those of Beijing & Shanghai.
We produce and distribute cooking oil and related products under our own brands which are famous in Sichuan. With growing competition in our industry, we are keen to enhance our brand to stand out from the crowd. We have employed local branding consultants, but their ideas are very similar without much creativity. We want to seek help from Hong Kong branding consultants as they have international perspective but at the same time are well acquainted to Chinese culture. The HKTDC Business Matching Service has given us very good referrals at the HK IDT Expo 2016. Two prospective companies have already entered the mainland market at an early stage, they understand the business models and characteristics of our market; it is also important that they got many successful cases as we want to play safe when revamping our brands. It is nice surprise to find their service fees similar to those of Beijing and Shanghai.
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