Building Material, Hardware & Machinery
Hatsuta Seisakusho Co., Ltd
Mr Kiyoshi Saruwatari / Ms Emi Isoda
Global Sales Department
The quality and efficiency of HKTDC’s Business Matching service is a pleasant surprise compared with lengthy searches in other markets.
Hatsuta is a Japanese manufacturer of fire extinguishers and fire prevention equipment,with presence across the globe. We are planning to launch a new line of fire extinguishers branded with cartoon character designs, and need to find potential partners/distributors country by country. After approaching HKTDC’s in Osaka, their Business Matching team introduced two Hong Kong importers that are keen to work with us and the speed and quality of HKTDC’s service is a pleasant surprise. It is difficult to locate a similar professional level of service for other markets. In the upcoming months, we look forward to obtaining the green lights from the Hong Kong government and launch our new extinguishers in Hong Kong.
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