Watch & Clock
Seculus Da Amazonia Ind.E Com. S.A.
Mr. Felipe Ribeiro
Product Department
We have identified two potential suppliers and confirmed orders with them right after the meetings arranged by HKTDC Business Matching Service.
We are a watch retailer and manufacturer with 3 in-house brands in Brazil; and our headquarter in Hong Kong focuses on product development and suppliers management. As we target the young generation, we intend to meet new suppliers at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2017 to enrich the product categories of both fashion and digital watches. Thanks to the HKTDC Business Matching Service, we have identified two potential Hong Kong suppliers. We have known each other for yearsbut this time both of them have introduced us some digital watches with latest designs. One of them offered a sport watch with HRM model and belt, which is good for manufacturing our own brand. Therefore, we have confirmed orders with these two suppliers right after the meetings. We are very satisfied with the results of this trip!
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