Lighting Product
Mr. Loh Kah Phang
Mr Loh Kah Phang finds that the international exhibitors in the Hong Kong Lighting Fair very helpful.

VFZLED is a lighting solutions company based in Singapore where it has a large showroom. It offers a full range of consultation services in commercial and building lighting to companies in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. In recent years, solar lighting systems have become highly popular. In particular, in Singapore where one unit of electricity costs as much as US$0.16, enterprises are increasingly opting for solar energy as a way to save on electric bill and on wiring and installation costs while meeting environmental principles.It was the fifth year Mr Loh Kah Phang visited the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. This year he was looking specifically for quality solar LED lighting systems with a warranty period of more than two years. In the first day of the Fair, he succeeded in identifying 20 relevant suppliers. An exhibitor from Shanghai which he met under the HKTDC’s Business Matching arrangement was able to supply exactly the products he desired with a warranty period of as long as five years. Mr Loh Kah Phang has bought some samples for further testing and, if the testing results are positive, he will place a US$100,000 order. He is also looking for user-friendly smart lighting systems.Mr Loh Kah Phang finds that the international mix of exhibitors and visitors in the Hong Kong Lighting Fair very helpful to him to understand the latest development of the market.

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