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Taiwan Buyer Meetings Help
HK suppliers to Capture TV Shopping's Potential in Greater China
Playing the role of matchmaker between Hong Kong suppliers and overseas buyers, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has successfully paired up many ‘happy couples' in the past. The Council recently made another effort through organising a seminar in Hong Kong hosted by the Taiwan's Eastern Multimedia Group, followed by a series of Buyer Meetings where EMG's buyers and pre-screened Hong Kong suppliers explored business opportunities.

The seminar focused on the operation model of the Group's television channel shopping as well as TV shopping's trend and development across the Strait. Ms. Jennifer Sung , CEO, Sen Sen Home Shopping Co. Ltd. (sister company of Eastern Multimedia Group), noted the enthusiastic response from the attendees reflected Hong Kong suppliers' unfamiliarity with the operation model and potential of TV shopping, thus the face-to-face buying meeting was an excellent way allowing Hong Kong companies to gain more insight.

Facilitating the liaison with HKTDC on the organisation of the activities, main speaker of the seminar --Mr. Yen Chien Cheng, President CEO, Dingkai Trading(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (sister company of Eastern Multimedia Group), was overwhelmed by the smooth run-down and keen feedback at the seminar and meetings. While the buyer meetings enriched the knowledge of Hong Kong suppliers on TV shopping, it also provided the Group a picture of Hong Kong’s product market and suppliers.

Most companies taking part at the seminar and buying meetings were advertisers of HKTDC's website or product magazine, and many pointed out that these activities worked in synergy with other promotional platforms of the Council in enabling them to promote new products as well as broaden their customer base.

"We have received many overseas trade enquiries riding on the HKTDC website, the result was much better than many other sites of similar nature. And this time the buying meetings are indeed complementary to our other promotional efforts because for fashion jewellery, it is more impressive to see the actual product in order to know the quality, therefore face-to-face meeting works out best. EMG are quite interested in our European material as well design, I believe there is opportunity for collaboration," enthused Ms. Manda Lee, Director of La Baby (HK) Ltd.

Acting as agent for many Korean brands, Echo (HK) Company has always wanted to approach the channel of TV shopping to market its Barocook product series.

"Barocook works with concept of combining storage box with heat pack to re-heat food without cooking. It is quite difficult to appreciate its selling point just seeing the product on shelves, therefore TV shopping with demonstration available is perfect!" explained Echo’s Manager Ms. Vivien Zhu. Thing looks really warming up as according to Ms. Zhu, Barocook was well received by EMG, and both sides already discussed the different packaging of parts to suit various consumer groups including student and baby.

Mints Design just made its debut last year, and its Marketing Executive Mr. Berg Lee was equally excited after the meeting.

"Our M Jungle brand series are now selling in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Today we have learnt the tremendous potential of TV shopping, and certainly it will help us to develop the Greater China market which is in our blueprint. During the meeting, the buyers have also shared with us ideas to further develop M Jungle and its characters, that was very inspiring and helpful! In fact the Buyer Meetings has successful helped us to find new buyers before, and we hope it will work out again this time!"

"The HKTDC's exhibitions, product magazines, online sourcing platform and the Buyer Meetings service form a strong and comprehensive platform that will allow Mobicool to explore new markets and identify new clients, ensuring that we will continue to develop and expand in line with the global economic recovery," Mr Luk concludes.
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