Chinese Mainland
Food & Beverage
With the help of the HKTDC Business Matching service, our trip became very fruitful and hassle-free and lined up with 9 quality suppliers on day 1.

“Started off in 2018, weare a seafood restaurant in Hangzhou, Mainland China and we are now expanding totwo more branches.  To cope withcustomers’ different tastes, we are sourcing a variety of wines such as redwine, white wine, sparkling wine, whisky and sake.  To allow a higher profit margin for ourcompany, we are constantly looking for ways to source cost-effectively.

We made our firstvisit to the HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair in November2019.  With the assistance of the HKTDCBusiness Matching service, our trip became very fruitful and hassle-free.  We were lined up with 9 quality suppliers onday 1.  They were all suitable and whatimpressed us the most was that we got to be connected with the real supplier,by doing so, much could be saved from skipping the costs to be spent ondistributors who played the middlemen’s role. We liked the fair a lot because the quality of wines was high andvariety was huge.  We had a high chanceto order a container load (approx. 12,000 bottles) of dry red wine and drywhite wines from a company from Italy (Ca' Neva Srl).  Also, we might order another container load(approx. 12,000 bottles) of dry white wine from a company from Czech Republic(Winery Ludwig).”

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