Stationery & Office Equipment
Kutsuwa Co Ltd
Mr Tony Kobayashi; Mr Takuya Taji
Manager, Overseas Sales Dept; Overseas Sales Dept
The trip was added much value by the professional HKTDC Business Matching service that have helped lining up with six suppliers at the Fair.
Incorporated since1935 in Japan, Kutsuwa is a manufacturer of stationery and schoolsupplies.  We mainly distribute ourproducts through wholesalers, department stores as well as our own onlineplatform.  We also export to Asia, NorthAmerica and Europe.  Backed by ourabundant experience in the stationery market, we believe that being able toprovide customers with products of high quality and decent packaging is key to successin the long run. 

We visited the HKTDCHong Kong International Stationery Fair to look for new suppliers for our newsourcing season.  The trip was added muchvalue by the professional HKTDC Business Matching service.  Lined up with six suppliers at the Fair, wewere pleased to see that many of the products were of high quality andreasonable price.  We are likely to placeorder for glue sticks from a company from Korea (Jong Le Nara Co Ltd) as wellas artistic painting sets and fountain pens from two companies from MainlandChina (Changshu Xingxin Cultural Articles Co Ltd, Shanghai Qiangu Stationery CoLtd).
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