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ALK Co Ltd
Mr. Fumihito Chiba
With the help of the Business Matching team, we are successfully tapping into a new business sector in the Asian area. The trade fair platform also promote our food products and bring us new opportunities.
HKTDC Business Matching, a customised matching service dedicated to helping global customers locate Hong Kong business partners, provides a platform for a Japanese entrepreneur to explore the Asian market.

ALK Co Ltd, an Akita- (in North­ eastern Japan) based food producer, carries various natural food products including vegetables, noodles and seafood, supplying restaurants in Japan. However, the sudden economic downturn caused by the 3.11 earthquake has affected many business arrangements and driven many companies to look for new opportunities.

Matching Closes the Gap to Create Business Opportunities
"The Asian market, especially Hong Kong and China, usually sources seafood-related products from Northern Japan. But with the tsunami effect, prices have soared and they are looking for new sources. In Akita, sea cucumbers are plentiful, so I decided to explore this new business area," says Mr Chiba.

Results Accelerate with a Total Marketing Solution
Exhibiting at the HKTDC Hong Kong Food Expo in 2011 gaveALK a golden opportunity to explore the market. I am very pleased about the cooperation with TDC in the 2011Food Expo.It was a good start and TDC helped me to learn about thenew market and build up contacts.Ialso met potentialbuyers andstep by step,Ideveloped my client base,Mr Chiba recalls. Between August 2011 and August 2012,the company's turnover on dried sea cucumber exceeded JPY15m.

"The Expo provided good chances for me, and the help of the Business Matching team enhanced these opportunities. With the team's arrangements, I could have in-depth talks with buyers and find real partners, he continues.

Mr Chiba came again to the Food Expo 2012 to look for new partners for other products.He is targeting an annual sales turnover of JPY50m in the coming year.

Export sales promotion always requires different marketing channels. Riding on world-class trade fairs,product magazines,an online marketplace and a mobile application, HKTDC provides a 4-in-1 integrated marketing solution for year-round promotionalsupport to SMEs.
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