Household Product
Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co Ltd
Mr. Nophol Techaphangam
Vice Managing Director
Business Matching Service is indeed helpful!
“We manufacture beddings and mattresses as well as importing them from the US, Japan and China to fulfill the demand of our clientele encompassing hotels and resorts, and a hundred points of sales for retail. At this fair the Business Matching Team has referred us to suppliers with exactly what we are looking for --  interesting bedding items employing different techniques and designs. One of them (A-Fontaine) is quite famous in Hong Kong and I already bought some samples from them. I have also placed trial order with another Japanese company (Tamurakoma Co. –CBM customer) who offers home furnishing, toiletries and personal care products. I have scheduled to visit their factories very soon to further our discussion. Business Matching Service is indeed helpful!”
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