Household Product
Ms. Ekaterina Tosheva
That’s really great that HKTDC Business Matching Service has picked some suppliers fulfilling the criteria.
We have five hypermarkets and also distributing to over 250 wholesalers in Bulgaria. To source a wide range of products, I hope to find supplier(s) which offers a wide assortment of goods that can be consolidated into a container for easy logistics arrangement. The Business Matching Service from HKTDC has done a good job in fulfilling the criteria. There is a company (Sunny Deco) with beautiful lamps and picture frames in many designs at reasonable price, another supplier (HAPRO ) got a wide selection of pretty rattan and bamboo basket. A third company (Chung Mao Ltd) has plastic bathroom accessories which look like stone, a style that is very popular in our market, and another wood and steel range though more expensive yet really nice. The fourth one (Sai Impex) offers shower curtain and toilet cover in ditto design that can be sold in a set, and interesting PVC placemat in different size and thickness. For all these individual companies I intend to order a whole container. It is so interesting that I walked around the fairground the 1st day but never come across any of them, that’s really great that Business Matching has picked them out for us!

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