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Akop Chakiryan
Director General of Gregory
Right at First Sight
In response to escalating demand for stylish fashion in its domestic market, Russian wholesaler and retailer Gregory turned to HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week in July 2011 to source middle-range menswear and womenswear.

“We used the Buyer Meetings service for the first time last summer and found a number of choices,” said Natalia Nikulina, Product Manager for the company which has its own brand as well as 23 self-operated stores and franchised shops in Russia. “Established since 1998, we are well experienced in finding suppliers,” she said, adding that she can “tell at first sight whether we are talking to the right partners.”

That’s what Gregory found one month after the Hong Kong meetings, when it signed a contract with one referred company specialising in knitwear. Both sides agreed on terms after samples were sent over for quality review and adjustments made to designs and specifications.

Matching Ensures Quality
“We need suppliers with good design capability, and have found referred companies from Hong Kong with years of exposure to the Western market offer designs with international flair,” said Ms Nikulina. “These suppliers are also proficient in incorporatingour design concept to come up with creations which fit our market. In addition, some designs are made with modern technology and nice handiwork which we cannot do in Russia.”

Gregory returned for Fashion Week in January 2012 – this time to source suppliers of accessories.

“We are very satisfied with the three companies recommended and have chosen some models from them to work from. Our business idea is to develop long-term relations with reliable suppliers, and hopefully the Buyer Meetings service will contribute again this time!”
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