Lighting Product
Zhu Rutong and John Quek
Sales Manager and Project Manager
Every time, the HKTDC business matching team has provided us with exceptional services

Winfield is aone-stop lighting supplier in Singapore that provides lighting products toengineering firms and wholesalers domestically. We have been participating inthe Hong Kong International Lighting Fair for 10 years and we really do notknow where else to go if we do not come here to source. Every time, the HKTDCbusiness matching team has provided us with exceptional services: in additionto guiding our visit of the fair, they will explain the relative merits ofexhibitor products so that we can make comparisons and identify reputable supplierswhile getting to know the latest situation of the market. Every year, we willbuy enough products to fill out at least three to four containers. This year,we are looking for cheaper yet high quality commercial lighting products.

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