HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2017
HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2017
13 - 16 April 2017
PT Suryamas Lumisindo Diwdaya
Lantern emergency, head lamp, emergency light, various fan, bulb, emergency torch, home lighting/electronics products
Yii Cherng International Limited
MFI verified products, computer accessories, smart gadgets, smartphone accessories, charging accessories
Branded consumer electronics
Consumer electronics, mobile, wearable
Sunset Internatinal Srl
Smart gadgets, consumer electronics, new arrivals, etc.
Video Home & Electronic Centre
Smart gadgets and mobile phones.
Software & Smart hardware
Maha Asia Sdn Bhd
Communication gadgets and CCTV.
Makine Sp. z o.o
Smart Home, electric scooters, health products, software development, smart gadgets
CCTV Direct
Security cameras, TV mount, HDMI externder and spliter.
JT International Ltd.
Smart phone, headphone and 4G tablet.
Prosonic Products Canada Inc.
Security Camera, cell phone Accessories, Audio & Video Accessories
Tectron International
Gifts, electronic products, promotional items and toys.
UK Big Buy
Robotics, swegways, scooters, drones
Nicotronic SA
Cable (AV, HDMI, VGA), Cell phone accessories, computer peripherials
Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co Pte Ltd
Lighting, LED's, Phone accessories, Printers, Emergency light products
Dogus Planet Elektronik Ticaret ve Bilisim Hizm. A.S.
Electrical home & kitchen appliances, TV, Kitchenware, white goods
Cases, MFi products, smart home, chargers, cables
Abba Electronics LLC
AV products, Smart Hone solutions, gadgets, accessories
Smart Gadgets
Smart gadgets/accessories, accessories for laptops, mobile phones and equipment
Hyundai Department Store Co Ltd
Smart accessories, design electronics, kitchen appliance, fitness and beauty
Toy Stand SL
Smart tech toys, remote control products and licensing toys
Denki Equipamentos Eletronicos Ltda.
Wrist and foot static protection, peltier modules, optical spliters, film filter for deskop totens.
Inflight Sales Group (HK) Ltd
New Smart products
city'super Group LOG-ON
New smart products
Expona Global Sourcing (HK) Ltd
Earphone, Headphone, Speaker, Wearable electronic products and IoT device
Electrical Home Appliance, Electrical Kitchen Appliance, Consumer Electronics, Lighting products (Indoor/Outdoor), Installation Products and Sanitary Products
AS Watson Group
New Smart Products
Enreco Trade s.r.o.
Smart home products, security technology, wearing smart technologies
Smart gadgets, TV box, Headphones
Amazon Alexa
PCB, chips, OEM IoT device manufacturers
Absolute Engineering Sdn Bhd
Smart home, small gadgets and household products.
Baires Full Trading S.A.
Smart home, smart gadgets and accessories.
EL Content Knowledge House (Icontent Group)
Smart Home related products, Smart City applications and devices.
Princeton Technology Inc.
Smart gadgets, 3D printers, flash memory, solid state drives (SSD) and robots.
Technodist Sdn Bhd
Laptop Bags, Smart device
Lutec Inc.
Computer peripherals, SSD and mobile phone accessories.
24 Shopping Co., Ltd.
Gadget,accessories and new technology products.
BTO Sp z o.o.
Batteries, chargers, battery packs, PCM/BMS, flashlight, power supply
GM electronic spol s .r.o
LED grow lights that have valid CE and RoHS certificates, LED reflectors
HKTDC International ICT Expo 2017
HKTDC International ICT Expo 2017
13 - 16 April 2017
Cybernet LLC
Telecom, data center, ICT
Bristol Hotel, Londonskaya Hotel
Data center, CRM
B.EST Solutions
Telecommunication, data centre, IT solutions
Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation
E-learning apps, business or enterprise apps, data analytics, infrastructure
Des International Co Ltd
IoT, data center
Konix Andrzej Gajowski
Business apps, data center, mobile apps, e-commerce, digital marketing
E-business solutions
PT. Mitra Bara Adiperdana Tbk
Business Apps on Cloud
ITQAN Global For Digital CLoud Systems
Cloud services, mobile apps, enterprise solutions, E-learning, computer networking, cybersecurity hardware and software
IP Cam, smart robot, power bank, communication products
Mindfree Co Ltd
Digital marketing, social media solution
PG Electroplast Ltd
Smartphone solutions
Hsintek Electronics Co Ltd
Wifi surveillance kit, Wifi baby camera
Mobile app, digital marketing solutions
Data Center
Leading Digital
Most equipment suitable for use in schools.
HSM Corp. Ltd
Retail solutions
Retail Business Services Co Ltd
Barcode printer, handheld computer, Mobile apps, Business apps on Cloud & Mobile, IOT.
Home robots, education robots, smart home , IoT devices
Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
Mobile apps
Vega LLC
Accessories for mobile devices, chargers, cables, power bank, earphones, headphones and speakers.
Vyatka Logistic Company LLC
Telecom, newest product gadgets
Wintron Enterprise Co., Ltd
Electronic components, 3C products
Bars Group
E-kiosks, medical equipment with data transfer to the internet.
888 Tech Exchange Ventures Incorporated
Telecom, Network, SCADA, Cybersecurity
Enterprise solutions
Frisian Flag Indonesia
Digital marketing, e-commerce, business apps
Digital marketing solutions, social media solutions
Association of Telecommunications Industry of Singapore (ATIS)
Wireless backhaul, WiFi solutions, mobiles apps, WiFi roaming
New Technologies company
Latest mobile apps, ICT products, health & beauty ICT products
Speed One Communications (M) Sdn Bhd
AV system: wireless HDMI solution, HDBaseT, Automation system, matrix, control panel
Mobile apps
HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 2017
HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 2017
6 - 9 April 2017
Profilight Group
PCB, LED optics, components, lighting fixtures
Profilight Group Sp. z o.o.
Lighting fittings, FOD indoor/outdoor using components (fittings, gaskets, PCB etc)
OU Lighting
LED, commercial, outdoor lighting, bulbs, lighting fixtures/ fittings, smart lighting system
Pro-fessional SP. Z O.O.
LED new products, lighting fixtures and fittings and emergency lighting.
LED Bulb, LED PAR, LED Floodlights, LED Panel and Lighting Fixture
Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowe A-T S.A.
LED Commercial Lighting and Lighting Fixture
Elgin S.A
Lighting fixtures, bulb,LED, smart lighting
Boriana Group
LED bulb, Indoor and outdoor lighting, home lighting
Mr Bright Lighting Sdn Bhd
Home Lighting
Romalux-Luminati Imp & Exp LTDA
Commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, bulbs and fixtures
Roschi Technology GmbH
LED, streetlight, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, fixtures
LED Total Saving Energy SL
LED lighting, outdoor/indoor lighting
Thai Welcon Industry
Lighting fixtures, LED, commercial lighting
Nook Asia
Lighting fixture and fittings.
Maltani Corp.
Waterproof lighting case, Die-Cast part
Decorative lighting
NOC Topservice Ltd.
LED lamp and lighting fixtures.
Primo Opto Electronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Looking for supplier of lamp parts, indoor LED lighting.
FH Batlamp
Home lighting.
Prolux Vilagitastechnikai Kft
LED, Indoor lighting, bulbs, commercial lighting
Hunilux Kft
LED strip controller, driver and LED fixtures.
Tri-vial Tech S.A.
Outdoor lighting, LED Street lamp, Indoor LED lighting, bulbs, driver and lens
KLD Consulting Pte Ltd
LED Design Lighting products
TULLUS, s.r.o.
LED-panels, tubes, industrial, outdoor, explosion proof, modules
Superker Elektro Centrum Kft
LED bulbs, light fittings and industrial LED.
Starsline Electrical Equipment Trading LLC
retail commercial lighting, supermarket linear lighting
TLCO LED Lighting
LED, commercial lighting, indoor/outdoor lighting. bulbs, T5, T8
Manufacturas Plasticas May S.A. (LUX-MAY)
Lighting fixtures and fittings
LED lighting, Commercial lighting, Lighting fixtures and fittings, Smart lighting system, Entertainment lighting
Stellar Lighting Ltd.
Unique twinkling LED lighting, high quality LED products
Beam Global Lighting Pte Ltd
Decorative light fixtures and fittings
Light Energy
Commercial lighting, indoor lighting
LED bulbs, LED panels
Rexel Arabia
LED, outdoor lighting, smart lighting system
TRYDAN Kornel Borowski
LED lighting, smart lighting and LED drivers.
TK Electric
LED Bulbs, lighting fixtures, flood lights.
LED, lighting fixtures & fittings
BL Trade LLC
LED illumination in art museums, exhibitions, perfect illumination for pieces of art
Firm Light-Tech
LED lighting fixtures, stadium lighting, tunnel light, industrial lighting.
TYL Lighting Co Ltd
LED, outdoor lighting, smart lighting
IQ LED Sp. z.o.o.
LED panel, downlights, tubes, street light.
Semicon Sp. z o.o.
Smart lighting system.
Continental Lighting
LED, commercial lighting, outdoor lights, lighting intelligence, e.g. dimmers, sensors etc
Trade House Optima-Svitlo Ltd
LED and HID lighting, lamps, ballast, commercial lighting.
Onga Artful Light Co Ltd
LED, outdoor lighting, smart lighting
Index Living Mall Co Ltd
Indoor and outdoor lighting.
Daste Phu
LED lighting, commercial lighting, professional and industrial lighting.
LED, commercial, outdoor lighting, bulbs, lighting fixtures and fittings, smart lighting system, etc.
Lighting & Equipment Public Co Ltd
LED commercial lighting, Smart lighting
GE Lighting
LED Lighting
JSC 'Palantir'
LED light, outdoor lighting, smart lighting systems, office lighting.
Home Product Center PCL
Lighting fixtures and fitting lamp.
Dencop Lighting spol s.r.o.
LED modules, LED strips. switching power supplies, fixture and fittings
Luxmen Lighting
LED, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting
Seng Hup Lightings & Decor Sdn Bhd
LED lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor and commercial lighting, architectural lighting and light bulbs.
LED, outdoor lighting, bulbs.
Mitre 10 New Zealand Ltd.
Light bulbs, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting (solar), smart lighting, functional lighting
BRITRADE Pro s.r.o.
LED smart light, dimmable LED light/panel and industrial LED light.
Haji Commercial Co LLC
LED lighting, lamps, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting
Smart lighting, LED lighting, outdoor lighting, decorative lighting.
Chuan Kuo Industrial Co Ltd
Commercial lighting
Mathbright Technology Co Ltd
Commercial lighting
Skyelume FZC
LED Drivers, LED Filament Bulbs, smart lighting system.
Swiss LED USA Ltd
Commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, bulbs, lighting fixtures, smart lighting system.
Led House Sdn Bhd
LED luminaire, smart lighting system.
LED indoor and outdoor bulbs.
LEDIN Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.
LED interior and exterior lamp and bulb.
Aspera, spo.s r.o.
LED, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting
Lighting Sou Co Ltd
Lighting fixtures and fittings
LED, LED strips, bulbs and light fixtures and fittings
HALLA a.s.
LED lighting, track light and downlight.
Zuma Line Sp.z.o.o.
LED, Outdoor lighting
Kederooke General Trading LLC
LED commercial lighting, LED industrial lighting and fans.
RATP Group
LED bulbs and tubes
Led Effect
LED lighting, outdoor lighting, bulbs
Compass Lighting Kft.
Indoor commerical lighting product components (for manufacturing) and fixture for other fields
Lighting Solutions Pte Ltd
Smart lighting systems and office lighting.
Den Fu Fa Lighting Technology Business Co.
LED, Outdoor lighting
Bellanova Trading Fze
Commercial LED Lighting, Bulbs, Lighting fixtures and fittings
C-Light Group Co., Ltd.
ECO Age Ltd
Decorative light, LED lighting, bulbs and commercial lighting.
Power supplies, smart lighting systems, outdoor lighting, phytosanitary lamps
Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2017
Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2017
2 - 6 March 2017
The Great House for Gold & Jewelry
Silver jewellery, Jewellery boxes/display
ZM Joyas
Silver jewellery
Portnoy Hnos. Srl.
Diamond Jewellery ,Silver jewellery
Abdulghani Heriage Jewelry
Diamond jewellery,Jewellery boxes/ display
Frank & Co
Diamond jewellery
Al Liali Jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Silver jewellery,Pearls jewellery
Silver jewellery, Gemstone jewellery
Eternal Pearl
Jewellery boxes/ display,tools and equipment
Omtime Ltd
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Finders Forum Inc
Diamond Jewellery ,Stainless steel jewellery
Golden Dew
Diamond jewellery, Gemstone jewellery ,Silver jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Silver jewellery
ADG International LTD
Diamond jewellery
Silver jewellery,Jewellery boxes/display,Gemstone jewellery etc...
Santos Joyerias
Silver jewellery,Jewellery boxes/display,Pearl jewellery
Diamond Jewellery,Silver jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Wave Jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Silver jewellery,Jewellery Watch, Jewellery boxes/ display
Dhamani Jewels.
Diamond Jewellery , Pearl jewellery, Jewellery boxes/ display
Kyra Diamonds Fzco
Diamond Jewellery, Jewellery boxes/ display, Stainless steel jewellery
Fei Liu Fine Jewellery
Silver jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Harrisons Jewellers Ltd
Diamond jewellery, Silver jewellery.Jewellery boxes/ display...etc
Grupo Daisa SA de CV
Diamond Jewellery ,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Diamond jewellery
David Christoper Jewellers
Diamond jewellery, Silver jewellery,Jewellery watch, Jewellery box...etc
Carranza y Carranza Joyas Finas SA de CV
Diamond jewellery,Jewellery boxes/ display
Clogau Gold of Wales
Silver Jewellery
Osigem SRL
Diamond Jewellery
Hassan's Optician Co
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery
Golden Heritage
Diamond jewellery,Jewellery boxes/ display
Crown Jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Prince Jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Fonelli SA de CV
Diamond Jewellery, Gemstone Jewellery, Pearl Jewellery
Valuemax Group Limited
Jewellery boxes/ display
Adelle Jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Jade jewellery
Amber Group
Silver jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl Jewellery...etc
Tammar jewelry
Diamond jewellery, Silver jewellery,Gemstone jewellery, Pearls jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Jewellery boxes/ display
Mayuyama & Co Ltd
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl jewellery
Ng Jewel SDN BHD
Diamond jewellery ,Gemstone jewellery ,Silver jewellery...etc
Brown & Newirth
Diamond Jewellery ,Jewellery boxes/ display,Gemstone jewellery
Palazzo Jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Jewellery boxes/ display,Gemstone jewellery
Dsantos Joyeros
Diamond jewellery,Pearl jewellery, Jewellery boxes/ display
Phillip Stoner Jewellery Ltd
Diamond Jewellery ,Gemstone jewellery
Ritz Jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl jewellery, Jewellery boxes...etc
Hugh Rice Jewellers Ltd
Diamond Jewellery ,Jewellery boxes/ display,Gemstone jewellery...etc
Isabel Oliveira Joalheiros
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery,Pearl jewellery,Jewellery boxes/ display
Jena Watch & Jewellery
Diamond jewellery, Jewellery boxes/ display, Jewellery watch, Gemstone jewellery, Stainless steel jewellery
Kingshill Jewellers Ltd
Diamond Jewellery, Jewellery boxes/ display, Gemstone jewellery
Klenotnictví Křivánkovi
Silver jewellery,Diamond jewellery
Lila's - Romero One Ltd
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery
Diamond jewellery,Gemstone jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Sapphires
PT. Gold Martindo
Diamond jewellery,Jewellery boxes/display
HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show 2017
HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show 2017
28 Feb - 4 Mar 2017
BlueStone Jewellery & Lifestyle Pvt. Limited
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls
Krasnoselsky Uvelirprom
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Semi-Precious Stone
Abdulghani Heriage Jewelry
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone
Palazzo Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone
Ritz Jewellery
Diamonds, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Sapphires
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone
The Great House for Gold & Jewelry
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone
Sapphires, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Almaz Holding
Amber, Semi-Precious Stone, Jade
Prince Jewellery
Diamonds, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Sapphires
Crown Jewellery
Diamonds, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Sapphires
Frank & Co
Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Semi-Precious Stone, Jade
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Amber, Emeralds, Sapphires, Jade
Hyundai Jiayou Home Shopping
Diamonds, amber, emerald, sapphire, pearl
Dhamani Jewels
Diamonds, Pearls, Coloured Gemstone
Antonio Negueruela, S.A.
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Semi-Precious Stone
JSB Bijoux
Klenoty Aurum Sro
Diamonds, Pearls
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone, Emeralds
Alintebah Gold & Jewelery
1 Karat LLC
Valuemax Group Limited
Mikura Pearls DMCC
Jena Watch & Jewellery
Diamonds, Pearls, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone, Emeralds, Sapphires
Huatai Jewelry
Diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones
Claudia Elina Vaisman
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Coral
Glass LLC
ANAHI Jewelry Manufacturing S.R.L.
Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone
Ngoun Group Holding Co., Ltd.
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Equipment, Machine, Tools
PT. Gold Martindo
Platinum Jewelers
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Preston & Duckworth
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls
Gurdal Mucevherat
Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Semi-Precious Stone
Altınbaş Jewellery
JMS Diamonds P/L
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Sapphires (Loose Diamond ,Ceylon Sapphires, Aquamarines and Rubies)
JTS Gems and Partners Co.
Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Diamonds, Emeralds, Tanzanite
Musalli Jewelry
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls
Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires
Diamonds, precious stones, emeralds, sapphires, pearls, semi-precious stones
Klenotnictví Křivánkovi
Diamonds, Pearls
Kingshill Jewellers Ltd
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Sapphires
Omtime Ltd
Diamonds, Pearls, Emeralds, Sapphires
Perideo Group
Pearls, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone, Coral, Jade
Phillip Stoner Jewellery Ltd
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Sapphires
Brown & Newirth
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires
Santos Joyerias
Semi-Precious Stone
East Gate Jewelry Company
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone
Diamonds, Pearls, Silver
Wave Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Sapphires, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Almulhim Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls
Abdullah Bahamdein Jewellery
Diamonds, Pearls
Clogau Gold of Wales
DAR AL-HELYA Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires
David Christoper Jewellers
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone
H Johnson and son
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone
Harrisons Jewellers Ltd
Diamonds, Pearls, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires
Hugh Rice Jewellers Ltd
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone, Emeralds, Sapphires
Fei Liu Fine Jewellery
Coloured Gemstone, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Al Zain Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Semi-Precious Stone
Al Liali Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Bijouterie Lavigueur
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls
Moscow Jewellery Factory
Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires
Bronnitsy Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Amber, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Coral, Jade
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls
Alexandra Plata SLU
Coloured Gemstone, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Estet Jewelry House
Sapphires, Semi-Precious Stone
Szuchman Gold International Godziebiewski i Wspolnicy Sp. j.
Kyra Diamonds Fzco
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Fonelli SA de CV
Diamonds, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Hassans Optician Company
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Amber, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Coral
Malabar Gold and Diamonds - MBMG Diamonds PVT LTD
Secrets Shhh
Semi-Precious Stone, Cubic Zirconia
Garcia Varela Ltd. Joyeria Orient
Diamonds, Pearls
Perviy Uvelirniy
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone
Portnoy Hnos. Srl.
Coloured Gemstone, Synthetic Stone
Diamonds, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Osigem SRL
Russkiye Samotsvety
Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls
Golden Heritage
Diamonds, Sapphires, Pearls, Coral
Grupo Daisa SA de CV
Diamonds, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Carranza y Carranza Joyas Finas SA de CV
Diamonds, Sapphires
Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Jade
Amber Group
Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Coral
Adelle Jewellery
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Jade
Tammar jewelry
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone, Coral
Diamonds, Loose Diamonds-full cut, size+61/2, +11, +14, 1/4, 1/5 color-F-H, clarity-VS-SI1. Diamonds single cut, D-H/SI1-2
Ng Jewel SDN BHD
Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Golden Dew
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
Ringo Jewellery
Coloured Gemstone
Dsantos Joyeros
Diamonds, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stone
MJ Jewellery Sdn Bhd
Lila's - Romero One Ltd
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Gemological Equipment
Isabel Oliveira Joalheiros
Diamonds, Pearls, Coloured Gemstone, Amber, Emeralds, Sapphires
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone
Kulinan SSG Ltd.
Diamonds, Pearls
ARIS Jewelry
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone
Cemil Gezer
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone
Carrascorp S.R.L
Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Semi-Precious Stone
Harding Retail
Diamonds, Coloured Gemstone, Semi-Precious Stone
Diamonds, Semi-Precious Stone
HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/ Winter 2017
HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/ Winter 2017
16 - 19 January 2017
Fabrics, Women's Wear, Men's Wear, Fashion Jewellery, Footwear, Accessories, Underwear(Fashion Brands)
Liram Exclusive 86 LTD
Fashion accessories for children/ babies (ODM)
Karimadon Corporation
Ladies Wear, Zippers, Fabric Suppliers and Buttons (OEM)
Koovs Marketing Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Footwear, Jewellery, Handbags(OEM,Fashion Brands)
Women's wear (Australian market) (Fashion brand)
MRGO (China)
Fashion Apparel, Fashion Accessories (Fashion brand)
Manrique SAS
Handbags, Ladies dresses (Casual + evening, lntimate apparel / women, Bras, Blouses Missy, Shapewear women(Fashion Brands)
Menswear, Women’s wear, Children's wear, Home wear, Underwear, Accessories (Fashion brands)
Khmer Artisanry
Scarves, Fabrics, Bags, Purses, Accessories(Fashion Brands)
Children's Wear(OEM)
JCY House
Women's Wear, Men's Wear(Fashion Brands)
Brosh Company
Costume jewellery, Accessories (OEM,ODM,Fashion Brands)
Breeze Couture
Footwear, Handbag, Children's wear, Accessories (Fashion brand)
Imperial Clothing F.Z.E
Men's Wear, Women's' Wear, Handbag, Casual Wear(OEM)
Jaspal Company Limited
Garment & Trim, Fashion Brands, small lots products
Blue Pin Intertrade Co.,Ltd
Casual wear, Bag, Shoes (OEM & ODM)
Beni Room
Clothes, Accessories for women (Fashion Brands)
Michelangelo International Co., Ltd
Handbag, Wallet (Fashion Brands)
DKSH (Thailand) Co Ltd
Handbags, Ladies' wear, Men's wear, Sportswear, Jewellery, Shoes, Accessories (Fashion Brands)
Footwear, Active wear, Watch, Sunglasses (Fashion brand)
Hermes-OTTO International
Handbags, Apparel, Jewellery & Others, Sorts of accessories
Jon's World Inc
Women's Accessories, Clothing, Footwear
Lucy House
Ladies' wear(Fashion Brands)
NetEase, Inc.
Men's wear, Women's wear, Sportswear (OEM & ODM)
YFS Corporate (M) Sdn Bhd
Knit Wears, Cotton & Spandex, T Shirts, Kids Apparel, Women’s Gown (OEM, ODM, Fashion Brands)
Forward Ltd
Sportswear, Shoes, Accessories, Fabrics, Trimmings (OEM & Fashion brands)
CJ O Shopping
Shoes and casual wear (Fashion Brands)
High Fashion, OEM Company (OEM, Fashion Brands)
VOLANSKY Group s.r.o.
Handbags, Jewellery, Accessories, Women's and men's wear(OEM,ODM)
SLK Trade s.r.o.
Bras, Panties, Boxers, Socks, Shorts, Nightgown, Pyjamas, Scarfs(OEM)
PT. Jingdong Indonesia Pertama
Handbags, Accessories, Travel Luggages, Jewelry (OEM,Fashion Brands)
Sterling Styles
Scarves, Ladies' Wear(OEM)
Ladies Wear, Accessories, Bag (Fashion Brands)
Saigon2 Garment Joint-Stock Company
Ladies’ wear (Fashion Brands)
Fashion apparel, Fashion accessories, Backpack (ODM & Fashion brands)
Women 's cashmere wear(Fashion brand)
Ladies wear, Knitwear, Cotton clothing, Covered, Jackets with embroidery (Fashion Brands)
Fabric, Sleeping wear, Shirt (OEM, ODM)
Khanh Ngoc Service and Trading Company Limited
Accessories, Fabrics (exclude woollen)(Fashion brand)
Maple Tricot Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Fabrics, Apparels (OEM)
Adelphi Apparel
Fabrics & Design For Corporate Uniform - Ladies And Men (OEM, ODM)
All Fashion, Accessories(OEM)
Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2017
Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2017
9 - 12 January 2017
AS Watson Group
Toys, baby products, stationery gifts
Ocean Park Corporation
Pencil case, education toys, kitchenware, snack & candy, towel, gadget, raingear, hat wear, decoration.
Bao Da Xiang Shopping For Kids Holding Co Ltd
Stationery, toys and baby toys to sell in China market
Warwick Fletcher Packaging
Folders, paper, envelopes, novelty pens
Ofix Ofis Malzemeleri A.S.
Office stationery, consumer electronics, technological consumables, etc.
Innovative Experiment Co Ltd
Gift stationary, school supplies, educational media
Paper stationery, office supplies, school supplies
Onur Foreign Trade Co Ltd
Pen and paper, stationery, school bags
Bureau Direct Ltd
Pen and paper
Jaya Gift & Fancy Stationery
Office supplies, stationery, household gifts, school bags
B. K. Norton
Recycled/green products, school supplies, specific purpose designs, innovative designs.
Phrong Intertrade Co Ltd
Stationery sets, stationery for promotional purpose, pen, school supplies
DuraFlash (Thai) Co Ltd
Rubber stamp and related materials
Cyber Gifts Pte Ltd
Stationeries include school bags, calendar, diaries, notebooks, memo pads, pens, pencils, highlighter, file and folder, album, gift box, correction tap, clips, etc.
PT. Solusi Ecommerce Global
Amstar Company Inc
Paper, printing products, promotional gifts
Office Depot (China)
Student stationery, writing equipment, office equipment, paper product, printed matters
Ledco Professional Sdn Bhd
Convenience store, pen & paper
AWE Industries
Stationery,Gifts, toys, sports equipment and games
Staples (Shanghai) Co
Writing equipment and paper products, gifts stationery
Folder Papelerias S.A.
Stationery, office supplies
HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2017
HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2017
9 - 12 January 2017
AS Watson Group
Toys for their online platform
Scholar's Choice
Educational toys
Tricycle, baby walker and baby bouncer.
Umlozi International (PTY) Ltd
Toy cars, boys' toys, Cars 3 (the movie) products
Bao Da Xiang Shopping For Kids Group Co., Ltd
Baby toys, toys and stationary to sell in China market
Özka Plast. Toys. Ltd. Company
Plush toys with licensed characters.
Pacific Harbor
Remote control toys and smart-tech toys.
Educational toys, smart-tech, outdoor and sporting, electronic and R/C
Bell Ganka Co Ltd
Fireworks & games
Jagang Company
Cosmetic for kids, goods related to water activity, safety goods
Evolved Pyrotechnics UK Ltd
Fireworks and stage effects
Aurora Fireworks
Deshpande Toys Pvt Limited
STEM/educational and smart tech toys
R/C toys, electronic bikes & rides
Modellart Corp
Licensed figure, Diecast toys
Shou Jie International Co., Ltd.
Electronic educational toys for baby and kids.
Chen-Xi Impex LLP
Educational Toys
Plastic hospital set, playing house and figures for adults.
Erdem Oyuncak
Remote control toys, Dolls, Roller skates, Skateboards, Metal pull back cars, Baby toys, Electronic toys and plush toys
Fun Toy Co., Ltd
Plastic toy, R/C toy
Toy Stand SL
Radio control toys, Licensing toys
Edlee Entertainment Ltd
Video games, VR, smart toys, high quality toys
Hobbiestock Collectibles Corp.
Licensed figures, die cast cars/planes
Nichiduta Trading Srl
Pedal kart, kids tricycle, kids BO car
Winning Moves Australia Pty Ltd.,
Board games and new innovations.
Triplex Company
Onda Enterprises Ltd
Bookman Books Ltd.
Educational toys (brain training toys, language learning toys).
Educational toy, electronic & remote control toys
Lemada Light Industries Ltd
Licensed board games and toys
Kinderland Importacao e Comercio de Brinquedos Ltda
STEM/educational and smart tech toys
Toy Store S.A.
Games, electronic toys, R/C toys
Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Special effects for Staging
Belfix Importacao Ltda
Sports toys, sports equipment
Closed Joint Stock Company 'Europa uno Trade'
Present toys, soap bubbles, latex and foil balloons.
PT. Global Digital Niaga (
Educational toy, action figure, Die-cast toy and Remote control toy
Baby wear, baby goods, maternity, baby toys, kid’s furniture.
Growing Fun Pte Ltd.
Educational toys
Siam Fire Works and Fire Cracker Co Ltd
Firework, Fire cracker
Domondom Co Ltd
Tomy (HK) Ltd
ICTI die-casting toys manufacturer with factory in Vietnam or Indonesia
Guava Asia
Soft toys and stationery.
Superheroes Ltd
Licensed action figures, hobby items, collectibles, designer toys and accessories.
Global Home Shopping
All kinds of toy for China market
PT. Sunway Multi Kreasi
Eloyza Enterprise
Wooden educational toys and playset.
Stanford Distributing Co.
Branded item of baby products for US market
Enigma Firework Ltd
Mandala Montessori s.r.o.
Wood & creative toys
Outdoor toys, remote control toys.
Parques Reunidos
Dream House (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Toys, educational toys, baby bib and baby products.
Kosacci-hracky ktere letiii, s.r.o.
Educational toys.
Magrudy Enterprises LLC
STEM toys/educational toys, art & craft toys, baby toys
PT Samantra Kencana
Educational toys, creative toys, DIY toys, art & craft
REEM I.E Trade Co
Manufacturers for EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and/or PU (Polyurethane)
GEE-FLY Hobby Co., Ltd.
Remote control toy car/helicopter, die cast toy car and plastic toy car.
Baby toy, educational toy, plush toy, outdoor toy, remote control toy, electronic toy
Shabanpoor General Trading Co LLC
Children tricycle, Ride on toy and Remote control drones and toys
LLC RIV (Educational Games of Voskobovich)
Plywood games, plastic games
Appnews Network
Wifi or Apps control toys
Educational toys.
Arm Toys Ltd
Plastic toys, dolls, cars, sport toys, educational toys.
Jingleten International Co. Ltd.
Cartoon character or movies related toys.
Remote control toys
Hammacher Schlemmer
High tech item, remote control toys, plush toys and ride on toys
AWE Industries
Sports toys
HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2017
HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2017
9 - 12 January 2017
Aeon Retail Co Ltd
famous baby products brand in Europe, especially Italy & France, mainly famous European Brand which don’t yet develop in Japan market. Wooden product, fashionable bib, (exclude baby car and child seat)
AS Watson Group
Baby products for online platform
Brain Bytes Sdn Bhd
Baby gifts and souvenirs, educational related products
Astaleo Ltd
Baby gift sets, baby swaddles, muslins, bibs, mittens, hats
Gifts and souvenirs.
Highchairs, walkers, bed rails, travel cots, any new items to babies, bedside co-sleepers(partial cribs that fit next to the parents' bed)
Strollers and gear, feeding & nursery, baby bedding, baby toys, skin care, gift set
Rotomar SA
Baby toys and baby gift
Baba-Ker Kft.
Stroller, high chair and baby toy.
YOHO Medical Enterprise Co., Ltd
Baby wipes.
Baby food.
Baby toys , baby stroller , baby walkers , baby tricycle , baby high chair and playpen.
Happyland F & C
Baby apparel and accessories.
CMT Zenith Ventures
Baby toys, gift sets, strollers, etc.
Baby toys and baby products.
International Baby Products Co., Ltd.
Baby products and toys.
MyMedia s.r.o.
Baby toys, baby accessories, strollers, car seats, diapers, baby clothing
Malis Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
Toys, baby items, sports item, also looking for Disney, Mattel products
Nurizshar Trading Sdn Bhd
Baby toys, clothing, baby gear, accessories, weaning, bedding, stroller, also Disney, Mamas Papas
PT Sumber Aneka Karunia Abadi
Baby toys, strollers
Baby strollers, baby high chair, travel systems.
Baby feeding product (cups, bottles, spoons, bowls), baby and mother care (breast pads, bibs), toys (especially bath toys - bath foam, bath pens and etc).
P.H. Eurobaby Spolkajawna
Baby stroller and toys.
SC Senses SRL
Baby toys
Importaciones Kid Toys S.R.L.
Baby toys, musical baby toys and electronic baby items.
Baby product, Baby food
Baby food, Baby products and Baby Toy
Kushies Baby
Silicone feeding products and baby bath toys.
Baby gears, baby clothing, baby toys and maternity products.
Rampers R. Ginalski M. Zabtocka Sp. Jawna
Baby stroller
Organic baby products (baby toys, strollers, towel, food).
United Babies Studio SDN BHD
Baby gift, grooming & teethers, also look for Disney Baby
KOPKO s.r.o.
Educational toys, equipment for kindergarden
Click Media Tools
Baby furniture
BB Aventurero S.L.
Baby gift, baby toys
Rung Saeng Enterprise Co., Ltd
Baby bed, car seat, stroller seat and any baby products
Baby toys, strollers, auto seats, baby textile
Intime Retail Group
Baby toys to sell in China
All Baby Child
Baby essential products & toys
Baby Nova-Ivo Spuk
Baby shoes, baby toys and accessories.
Happy Babies s.r.o.
Baby toys, accessories for push chairs, baby gift sets, textile and push chairs.
Tdb Textil SA
Products for baby: strollers, car seats, feeding accessories (plates, cups, cutlery), toys, nursery bedding, gift sets
TNP International
Baby products, breastfeeding and maternity product Inc.
Baby products, toys and licensed characters.
Emblem Distributors Pty Ltd
Baby products and toys.
Baby products, toys and stationery.
Baby products, educational toys, kid/baby garment, baby toiletries.
Baby toys, Baby product