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Mojo Downunder
Adam Rakowski
I like the personal approach offered by the Business Matching service. I have found new ideas, seen different materials and fabrics.

I founded Mojo Downunder in 2003 out of Bondi Beach in Sydney as a men’sunderwear brand. Since then, we have branched out into other lifestyle- andadventure-directed apparel, outerwear, and accessories. We are an e-tailer thatsells only within the country. We are growing our catalogue and are looking forfinished products to brand. This is my second time coming to Hong Kong FashionWeek. I like the personal approach offered by the HKTDC Business Matchingservice. I have found new ideas and seen different materials and fabrics thatare hard to find in Australia. I just finished 17 Premium Business Matchingmeetings, and I have identified at least six companies that have a highpotential of cooperation. These include suppliers for sports jackets, sportstowels, and under t-shirts. I will most definitely order from one company thatoffers nicely presented underwear and t-shirt packages that we can add ourbrand to. I am asking the suppliers for samples and will likely do small runsof 250-300 pieces to start.

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