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Yantai Huanuo Import & Export Co. Ltd
Zhang Shuqiao
Our company was lined up with suppliers of the organic The orders will be confirmed soon. We are satisfied with the business matching service.

Our company is headquartered in Yantai totake advantage of the bonded port area in the city. With a network of dealersin the first and second-tier cities of South China, we are able to make bulkpurchases of at least one container of wine products per order. Our company hasbeen sourcing wine from Chile, France and other European countries as well as asmall quantity of whisky from Scotland. At the HKTDC Wine and Spirits Fair, we eye on the organic wine, bothorganic and non-organic sparkling wine and New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc wine.The certified organic wine is an assurance of quality, as it claims to be goodfor health and untainted. The sparkling wine is a new trend in events likewedding parties and banquets. Through the HKTDC business matching service, weattended 9 meetings in just one day. Our company was lined up with suppliers ofthe organic wine from Spain in addition to sparkling wine and dry red wine fromItaly and France. The prices are affordable and orders will be confirmed soon.We are satisfied with the service.

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