Chinese Mainland
Food & Beverage
Jin Yao
General Manager
The service quality of the HKTDC business matching team is very good and its onsite staffers are very nice.

Establishedin 2011, our company has a nationwide distribution network and owns two stores.Apart from being the sole agent of Australian brand Penfolds, we sell wineproducts mainly imported from Australia, Chile, France, Italy and South Africa.Due to its unique mouthfeel, winefrom Chile has been very popular among youngsters and haiguipai. The winemarket in the Chinese mainland grows annually. The increasing awareness of wineculture amongst the post-80s generation is one of the reasons. Providing wineeducation to consumers is the means to promote our wine business. Our companyhas our own sommeliers trained in Beijing and Shanghai. Foreign brands alsosend their trainers to our company to educate our staff and business partners.This is my second time to attend the HKTDC Wine and Spirits Fair. Our companyis glad to have identified the German supplier of non-alcoholic red wine viathe HKTDC business matching service. Such product does not cause the problem ofdrunk driving. We are also paired up with the French supplier of red wine soldat affordable price which is best for gifting purpose. All in all, the servicequality of the HKTDC business matching team is very good and its onsitestaffers are very nice.

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